Cairns garden management services
Our professional team at Designer Garden Maintenance provides an affordable residential and commercial garden maintenance programs that manages your gardens throughout all seasons

Our team members are a group of highly skilled professionals that specialise in quality garden maintenance and horticultural solutions, all designed to keep your garden looking at its best all year round.

Our range of flexible garden maintenance options which can include a simple once off clean up and makeover or we can arrange a regular (your choice) garden maintenance program. If you’re about to sell your property, then we can arrange a pre-sale makeover.

Whatever your needs we are readily available for a garden consultation and analysis

We are your Cairns professionals for soil testing and analysis. We specialise in diagnosing and treating plants that are not performing perfectly is a specialty of our gardeners. Exotics often require specific soil conditions. Many plants require supplemental minerals, but which ones, when, and how?

Our garden analysis consultation provides advice, ideas and planning with you in your garden. It is particularly suited to people who aren’t sure on what they could or should be doing to care for or upgrade their garden and want some help on how to proceed.

We will work with you identifying plants in your garden and answer questions about them. We will discuss ideas to improve or redesign your garden incorporating practical solutions to any problems.

Our team will be able to suggest new plants and where they will thrive best in your garden along with advice about pruning, pests and diseases, fertilising and weed control. We can even assess your soil, with PH testing available, and advice on how to improve it.

The lawn is a garden’s foundation and we look after all types of lawn surfaces, from the simple backyard lawn to acreage mowing, industrial sites, and commercial premises in most areas around Cairns.


Whether it is re-turfing a whole lawn or patching of damaged existing lawns we have the knowledge and experience in turf installation and providing after care services for your newly laid turf.


This is the process of applying a fine layer of soil to the surface of your lawn. Top-dressing levels out your lawn by filling in the small holes and smooths out the lumps and bumps.


Nitrogen, Potassium, Phosphorus. All essential elements required for turf growth. Choose a specific fertiliser program designed specifically for your lawn.

Pest/Disease/Weed Control Programs

Identification and up to date control methods. Safe chemical applications can be organised to control pests, diseases and weeds. These applications cause no harm to your children, pets or family.


How much, how often, how deep and how to apply? Aeration is especially recommended for lawns that are struggling to grow, improving drainage and allowing your lawn to ‘breath’ more.

Cairns’ commercial landscaping and garden maintenance

We offer a specialised commercial garden, lawn and landscape service for commercial and industrial clients. We provide flexible (your choice) maintenance options to suit all budgets and sized estates. We recognise that a commercial garden is a vital part of the ‘first impression’ that customers and site visitors see when they arrive at your location. We are experienced at maintaining gardens at a high standard so that the surrounds of your building communicate the professionalism of your company.

Commercial Sites can include - accommodation, day-care centres, shopping centres, service stations, car yards, housing developments or office blocks.

Industrial sites - Industrial lots, warehouses, manufacturing sites.

It's all in the design
To help you with this exciting project our experienced team will provide the initial consultation, after visiting your property. We will also openly discuss your ideas and visions, creating the design to improve your lifestyle.
Design leads to fruition
Once the design, drawings and plant species have been determined, our expert team of landscape specialists will execute the design and create the reality which has been perfectly matched to your unique application.
Maintenance to all gardens
Providing an affordable garden maintenance program that manages your gardens throughout all seasons. Speciaising in quality garden maintenance and horticultural solutions.
Who we are
Our customers have been extremely happy with the level of quality and professional advice that we provide when completing all of the concept design, landscaping and garden maintenance products we provide.
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