Cairns' landscaping construction services
Once you have a finalised design, we will transform your needs and aspirations into reality by allowing the landscape construction can begin

Living in our tropical environment presents many “plant selection” challenges and our practical assistance will help you avoid costly mistakes. We select the plants that do grow!

Our professional team will examine your location, soil types, shade availability natural light and then provide you with a comprehensive list from which to choose.

We have an extensive network of nurseries and private collectors to source and supply unique and rare plants from all over Australia suitable for our climate.

If there is a particular species you desire to have in your garden, we will be able to source it.

The majority of the plants used during construction projects are sourced from our own nursery.

We are constantly looking for and sourcing new species and varieties of plants. All nursery plants are locally grown and suitable for the region. Our full-time nurseryman lovingly and meticulously nurtures and rears our plants from beginning to end, assuring our plants are healthy and strong for planting in their final destination.

When completed, all landscape construction projects receive a complimentary garden maintenance visit to ensure the landscape is evolving according to plan.

The nature of the construction services we provide include:

  • Complete and partial garden makeovers
  • Top dressing soils to help nourish your plantings
  • Select and install site specific and suitable plants
  • Garden edging
  • Ponds and water features
  • Themed garden
  • Aquaculture
  • Soil improvement
  • Irrigation maintenance
  • Turf (a variety of species to choose from to suit your environmental conditions)
  • Pathways and Paving (up to $3300)
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Water management
  • Mulching preserves your investment and saves on watering
It's all in the design
To help you with this exciting project our experienced team will provide the initial consultation, after visiting your property. We will also openly discuss your ideas and visions, creating the design to improve your lifestyle.
Design leads to fruition
Once the design, drawings and plant species have been determined, our expert team of landscape specialists will execute the design and create the reality which has been perfectly matched to your unique application.
Maintenance to all gardens
Providing an affordable garden maintenance program that manages your gardens throughout all seasons. Speciaising in quality garden maintenance and horticultural solutions.
Who we are
Our customers have been extremely happy with the level of quality and professional advice that we provide when completing all of the concept design, landscaping and garden maintenance products we provide.
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